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Do you collect rare coins? Have you recently acquired some old antique coins and want to know their value? Let the coin experts at Toledo Coin Exchange help!

Toledo Coin Exchange is the largest, busiest rare coin dealer within nearly a 100-mile radius in Northwest Ohio. Experts in all things rare and valuable, the knowledgeable team at Toledo Coin Exchange can handle any coin collection or estate no matter how small or large. If you wish to sell we’ll provide you with our best possible price for any coins or currency we can buy, guaranteed. Whether you’re a coin collector looking to trade in some coins or upgrade your collection, or someone who’s acquired an estate they wish to convert to cash, the team at Toledo Coin Exchange is ready to help!

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Sell Rare Coins in Toledo, OH

Toledo Coin Exchange is owned and operated by Brett Charville, the former President of the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), the largest coin certification and grading company in the world. Charville’s deep coin grading and numismatic expertise, alongside a numismatic staff with over 80 years combined experience, allows Toledo Coin Exchange to pay the strongest possible prices for rare coins of all kinds.

Gold Coins We Buy

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Toledo Coin Exchange is a regional market maker of US and foreign gold coins. In addition to modern and foreign gold coins, Toledo Coin Exchange is an avid buyer of the following vintage US Gold Coins:

PCGS PR64 1894 Morgan Dollar - Rare US Dollar Coins

Rare US Dollar Coins We Buy

From common dates to key dates, Toledo Coin Exchange is the area’s largest buyer of US Dollars. In fact Toledo Coin Exchange buyers tens of thousands of Morgan and Peace dollars each year! We buy all US dollars from 1794 to present:

US Silver Coins

In addition to Silver Dollars Toledo Coin Exchange is the areas strongest buyer on small denomination silver rare coins such as dimes, quarters, and half dollars:

Rare US Silver Coins

US Type Coins

We buy all shapes and sizes of US rare coins at Toledo Coin Exchange, and that includes all copper and nickel coinage as well obsolete types and oddities:

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